ServiceStack v6.5!

This was another Blazor focused release packed with new components & features:

  • Dark Mode support in all ServiceStack.Blazor Tailwind Components
  • Blazor Server Networkless APIs
  • New Autocomplete, TagInput, NavList components
  • Customizable AutoQuery Grid
  • Unified Authentication in Blazor Server

Please see the release notes for the full details:

We’re also happy to announce - a front-end for the exciting Stable Diffusion AI which lets you generate images from a text prompt.

It’s an example of the kind of Hybrid Development that ServiceStack.Blazor enables where all admin pages to manage back office supporting RDBMS tables were quickly created with custom AutoQueryGrid components and uses a completely bespoke Blazor UI for its public user-facing website.

To ensure all ServiceStack.Blazor components run great in both Blazor Server and Blazor WASM we’re maintaining and testing it in both hosting modes at:

It’s also an example of designing a minimal cost production site which is hosted on Hetzner’s US Cloud and uses Litestream for its production databases that’s replicating to Cloudflare’s inexpensive R2 Object Storage with $0 egress fees that we’re hosting behind their free CDN for better value & performance.