ServiceStack v6.6!

In this release we’ve focused on developing modern Tailwind Razor Pages and MVC templates by fully embracing JS Modules to enable a modern Vue3 development UX without node_modules or the complexity & pitfalls of traditional SPA development.


We’ve created quick overview video covering the new templates:

To maximize developer productivity are preconfigured to use our new .mjs Add ServiceStack Reference language to enable end-to-end typed APIs in JS Modules without any build tools. They also include our new rich Vue3 Tailwind component library with near feature parity with the Blazor Tailwind Components which you can watch a preview of at:

We’re excited with these new templates and believe it’s the optimal way to develop modern JS Razor Pages Apps given their simplicity, productivity, Dev UX they enable. If you have the time please checkout the v6.6 release notes to learn more about the exciting new world of JS Modules.

Quick thing, on the page, there is a link to “Vue.js Tailwind Components” ( which returns 404.

Should now be fixed in latest docs, thx for reporting!