ServiceStack v6.7!

This release now incudes the latest Vue 3 which has enabled a number of new UI capabilities, starting with being able to use our growing Vue 3 Component Library in all built-in UIs.

All APIs benefit from new Auto API HTML Pages

Vue 3 AutoQueryGrid component for Auto CRUD UIs

The Vue 3 component library now reaches full parity with the Blazor Component Library with the addition of the new AutoQueryGrid component which enables creating effortless CRUD UIs for your AutoQuery APIs and is the key component which powers the new Locode v2.

Productivity Demo

As a demonstration of the productivity of the new Vue components, we’ve created a new video to accomplish a common task of adding a new Job Application feature to a new vue-mjs project template from scratch:

New Vue 3 Locode, API Explorer & Admin UIs

All built-in UIs have been rewritten to use Vue 3 and the Vue Component Gallery which allows for greater customizability and reuse which we cover in the new Vue 3 built-in UIs video:

New API Index Page

The /api route now serves as an API JSON index to help with API discovery with direct links to public APIs and links to API Explorer and Locode where available:

Please checkout the v6.7 Release Notes for the full details: