ServiceStack v6.9!

ServiceStack v6.9 is out!

Our focus in this release was higher up the value chain with improvements across our existing templates, component libraries, new examples of utilizing ServiceStack features to quickly handle real-world tasks, existing templates for rapidly develop Admin UIs, developing responsive high-performance Apps with Razor SSG, easily enhance existing static websites with dynamic features powered by our new self-hosting CreatorKit App and an update on our exciting progress on a new ServiceStack GPT plugin for creating ChatGPT agents knowledge to invoke System APIs to accomplish specified tasks.

Announcing CreatorKit!

CreatorKit is a simple, customizable, self-hostable alternative solution to using Mailchimp for managing an organization’s mailing lists, accepting newsletter subscriptions, defining customizable email layouts and templates and sending rich HTML emails to your Customers and subscribers using your preferred SMTP provider.

Vue Stable Diffusion

Following which was created to showcase ServiceStack’s Blazor Server and Blazor WASM project templates and components, we’ve rewritten a new Stable Diffusion App in Vue adopting a Simple Modern JavaScript approach to showcase the Razor SSG Project Template and Tailwind Vue Component Library available at:

Markdown Editor Input

The new <MarkdownInput> component provids a rich Markdown Textarea Input to capture rich formatted text in Markdown with icons for markdown’s popular formatting options and convenience keyboard bindings for a pleasant intuitive authoring experience.

Build Client + Server Admin UIs, Fast

The new <SidebarLayout> is a high-productivity Vue Component that combined with the <AutoQueryGrid> content can save an invaluable amount of time in being able to rapidly create custom Admin UIs.

The vue-mjs now includes a Client Admin UI showing how we can replicate most of Locode’s Auto UI in a customizable Vue App from a single index.html page. It also includes an example of a Server Rendered Admin UI for those that prefer to develop Multi Page Apps with Razor Pages.

Stale-While-Revalidate APIs

The new @servicestack/vue Stale-While-Revalidate APIs enable a great UX for stateless full page reloads of pre-rendered HTML pages when used to fetch all the API data needed to render the page on first load.

Checkout the full release notes for more details.