ServiceStack v6!

We’re starting 2022 off with a special v6 release which saw ServiceStack eclipse the 100M download threshold and introduces FREE Licenses for Individuals and collaborative OSS projects.

It’s a huge release that we hope will be able to add a lot of value to your existing Apps. It’s too big to be able to try summarize here, so we invite you to checkout the Release notes if you have time or to at least scan the Sidebar Navigation Headings to jump directly interested features.

ServiceStack v6


Free for personal projects and OSS! That is fantastic news! Having to pay for small hobby projects was never any fun. I hope this leads to SS getting even more popular, and finding it’s way into more companies, so we can use it at work (and you’ll get more customers).


We hope so too :slight_smile:

An v6.0.2 update is now available on NuGet, it includes:

  • Support of API Explorer & Admin UI in .NET Framework PascalCase default
  • HTTP Utils rewritten to use HttpClient implementation in .NET 6+
    • This also means ServiceStack uses HttpClient implementation for other HTTP Client libraries like C# Server Events Client, Stripe Client, GitHub Gateway, OAuth HTTP Requests, etc.
  • ZLibStream used for deflate compression in .NET 6
  • /types/js now cached in production

Please see v6.0.2 Release Notes for more details about each.

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