ServiceStack v8.1!

We’re excited to announce the most integrated release of ServiceStack ever which continues the trend from last year when we switched our newest .NET 8 templates to adopt ASP.NET Core Identity Auth that continues to replace ServiceStack’s platform-agnostic abstractions to use ASP.NET Core’s latest default implementations, built-in features and conventions where all new Identity Auth .NET 8 Templates now default to:

This now means ServiceStack APIs live side-by-side with other Minimal API or Web APIs in the same App which are discoverable in the same Open API v3 API:

ASP .NET Core Identity Auth Admin UI

We’ve also developed a customizable Identity Auth Admin UI which is like the Admin Users UI for ServiceStack Auth but can manage your Identity Auth Users:

JWT Identity Auth

The new JWT Identity Auth implements a lot of the features of ServiceStack Auth JwtAuthProvider but utilizes ASP .NET Core’s JWT Configuration and implementation. It includes integration with Swagger UI, built-in UIs, Refresh Token Support and Transparent Server Auto Refresh of JWT Tokens.

Blazor WASM Tailwind Template

The Blazor WASM Tailwind Template is our WASM Template which includes effortless support for Interactive Auto Rendering Mode where the same pages work in both Blazor Server and Blazor WASM.


Adding deep integration support for ASP .NET Core required a lot of refactoring to support both existing Apps and new integrated Apps which we hope hasn’t caused any regressions, but if it did, please post any reproducible examples here and we’ll swiftly resolve any reported issues.