ServiceStack v8.2!

ServiceStack v8.2 continues our path of embracing the latest .NET 8 platform with the new vue-spa and react-spa templates with many value-added improvements over the built-in ASP .NET Core Vite SPA templates including:

New Vue SPA Template

  • ASP .NET Core Identity Auth Integration
  • End-to-end Typed TypeScript APIs
  • Tailwind CSS with Dark Mode
  • Universal Vite Press Plugin Markdown features
  • Vue Component Library
  • Effortless CRUD and Admin UIs with AutoQueryGrid

Live Demo:


New React SPA Template

  • Integration with shadcn/ui Tailwind React components
  • Native MDX Markdown integration
  • React Router and conventional file system based routing
  • Tailwind Validation bound Input Form Components

Live Demo:


New Kotlin Compose Desktop Template

The last few years of neglect of Xamarin has removed itself from consideration as a viable development option for creating native Mobile and Desktop Apps.

Fortunately JetBrains has stepped in to fill the void with its Compose Multiplatform UI Framework offering a modern alternative for creating native Mobile, Desktop & Web Apps that can also leverage Kotlin ServiceStack Reference for its end-to-end typed APIs.

We’ll look at the latest Compose Multiplatform v1.6 Release and use it to build a cross-platform Desktop App integrated with a .NET API backend which can both be developed from the same JetBrains Fleet IDE.


Vite Press Plugin

Powering all the Markdown features for all the new Vite Vue and React templates is the Vite Press Plugin which is an alternative to VitePress for adding Markdown features to existing Vite Vue or React projects. It’s a non-intrusive plugin for Vue and React Vite apps that want to add markdown powered content features without needing to adopt an opinionated framework for their entire App.

Universal Markdown Features

A goal for vite-press-plugin is to implement a suite of universal markdown-powered features that can be reused across Vue, React and .NET Razor and Blazor projects, allowing you to incorporate same set of markdown feature folders to power markdown content features across a range of websites built with different technologies.

Vite Apps with vite-press-plugin

The vite-press-plugin currently powers the markdown features in the static Vite Vue and React templates which are ideal for creating static websites, blogs, documentation and marketing websites that can be hosted FREE on GitHub Pages CDN.

As the new press-vue and press-react templates require only npm they can be managed entirely from GitHub Codespaces or StackBlitz where the built-in GitHub Actions can deploy them to GitHub Pages under the domain name of your choice.

Press Vue Vite Template

Live Demo:


Press Vue React Template

Live Demo:


We’ve also created new Videos for each of the new Templates available from the full v8.2 Release Notes or above Live demos.