ServiceStack v8!

ServiceStack v8

We’re happy announce the release of ServiceStack v8 for .NET 8!

Feature Highlights:

  • All NuGet Packages include net8.0 builds
  • All .NET Project Templates upgraded to .NET 8
  • Project Templates now upgraded use .NET 8 Docker Containers
  • New .NET 8 Blazor Tailwind Template
  • New Blazor Vue Template, 100% Blazor static rendering without Blazor Server or WASM

ASP.NET Core Identity Auth in .NET 8 Templates

  • ASP.NET Core Identity Auth now used in all new Integrated Auth projects

  • Guide for Migrating ServiceStack Auth to ASP.NET Core Identity Auth

  • End-to-end Typed API support for PHP!

Checkout the ServiceStack v8 release notes for more info!