ServiceStack v8!

ServiceStack v8

We’re happy announce the release of ServiceStack v8 for .NET 8!

Feature Highlights:

  • All NuGet Packages include net8.0 builds
  • All .NET Project Templates upgraded to .NET 8
  • Project Templates now upgraded use .NET 8 Docker Containers
  • New .NET 8 Blazor Tailwind Template
  • New Blazor Vue Template, 100% Blazor static rendering without Blazor Server or WASM

ASP.NET Core Identity Auth in .NET 8 Templates

  • ASP.NET Core Identity Auth now used in all new Integrated Auth projects

  • Guide for Migrating ServiceStack Auth to ASP.NET Core Identity Auth

  • End-to-end Typed API support for PHP!

Checkout the ServiceStack v8 release notes for more info!

With the new ASP.NET Core Identity, how will this affect custom authentication providers? E.g. when subclassing the CredentialsAuthProvider, overriding those TryAuthenticate etc.? Will these still work, or do we need to rewrite?

That uses ServiceStack Auth which you would need to continue to use.