ServiceStackVS razor template error

1:create first razor template named razorA
2:build razorA , it is ok
3:create second razor template in the same solution named razorB
4:build razorB, get error (can not find some namespace)

q2: I setup nodejs through vs, I can see it in VS , but ServiceStackVS can not find it , and git has same question, since git has Portable version, I add git into PATH environment variable ,it works, so if we can Specified path will be better

q3: how create ServiceStack net core template in VS? we can only create version now

I test on WIN7 x64 VS2017.5

You can only create .NET Framework templates with ServiceStackVS. Please see the v5 Release Notes for how to create .NET Core 2.0 templates using the dotnet-new tool: