Servicstack Performance ASP.Net Core

If I use Servicestack with Core, will the performance be close to raw ASP.Net Core as per the benchmarks where Core is high up. However, when you look at where Servicestack sit, it is very low down on the performance list. I have been using Servicestack for years and need to know if I should go to native ASP.Net Core or continue using Servicestack on Core

The ServiceStack submission someone else contributed many years ran on old ASP .NET Framework + Mono (behind a reverse proxy) which has extremely poor performance as visible by all other aspnet-mono* entries.

If you’re running ServiceStack on Linux you should definitely be on .NET Core where you’ll benefit from all the perf work that’s Microsoft has put into Kestrel + http libs over the years. ServiceStack itself effectively runs as lightweight handlers over the underlying HTTP Server comparable to Web API or MVC and optimizes where possible, e.g. uses forward-only buffer, async writes/reads, aggressive delegate caching, etc.

Although don’t expect the raw perf numbers listed on techempower, they’re not real-world examples, they’re more to test max theoretical throughput.