Setup for running Ormlite tests

@mythz As part of looking at oracle provider changes to use the managed provider and update for newer dialects/capabiltiies I am creating docker instances of the db servers so I can run all or most of the tests.

Just getting started with running firebird, mysql and postgres so far but wondering if this approach is of any interest for the main repo?

Planning to add docker sql server 2017 linux and oracle XE versions 10, 12 and 18 so I can properly test oracle versioned dialects (could also do multiple versions for other dbs).

I think I’ll need something for handling connectionstrings and re-running or filtering tests based on diff db versions, conditional nunit attribrites maybe … and also detecting if containers are up etc but haven’t thought about that much yet.

Can view the branch changes here -

Sure we can add these to the main repo, the main behavior to keep is that we can still run tests locally and we can switch which DB to run them on by changing:

ok, will bear that in mind.

Once I’ve got sql server and oracle setup, I’ll look at creating a PR for you

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