SharpData command line arguments?

When we invoke sharpdata as below:
x open sharpdata -db postgres -db.connection $FMDB
Where in the SharpData source code, are the flags such as -db and -db.connection processed? I tried the source code in, but was not able to locate code responsible for handling these command line parameters. Can you please elaborate?
What other options can we pass to x open sharpdata ?
I am wondering if this is where the arguments are processed.

It’s not registered in the Sharp App, all generic info is registered in the dotnet tools, the majority of which is contained within these 2 classes (for all dotnet tools):

The app dotnet tool has additional Chromium Desktop related features starting from its Program.cs.

You can scan the source files for anything calling GetAppSetting(), i.e:

"ssl".GetAppSetting(defaultValue: true)
"port".GetAppSetting(defaultValue: ssl ? "5001" : "5000")
"name".GetAppSetting(defaultValue: "WebApp")

These different options are covered in the various example Sharp Apps, e.g:

Also Desktop specific Apps like ServiceStack/Studio has additional configuration by configuring DesktopFeature in ServiceStack.Desktop, e.g:

Plugins.Add(new DesktopFeature {
    // access role for Script, File & Download services
    AccessRole = Config.DebugMode 
        ? RoleNames.AllowAnon
        : RoleNames.Admin,
    ImportParams = { // app.settings you want auto-populated in your App
    // Create a URL Scheme proxy rule for each registered site
    ProxyConfigs = sites.Keys.Map(baseUrl => new Uri(baseUrl))
        .Map(uri => new ProxyConfig {
            Scheme = uri.Scheme,
            TargetScheme = uri.Scheme,
            Domain = uri.Host,
            AllowCors = true,
            IgnoreHeaders = { "X-Frame-Options", "Content-Security-Policy" }, 

Thank you very much. This is very helpful.