Showcase for how fast ServiceStack can be on a normal server

Just a happy ServiceStack customer wanting to showcase a site we have been working on. The site features caching, ormlite, razor and minification + packing of various resources. The server this site is hosted on serves a lot more sites, but there are slower.

The site in question is this:

It is a blogging site featuring various article (german) but please check out the speed. It is just amazing what one can achieve when ServiceStack is used as the engine…

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very nicely done, looks great and it’s pretty responsive from the US as well!

What do you see as first response time? My response is about 14 milliseconds on average. This is not local, but from a datacenter about 80 kilometers away.

Chrome Network Inspector says just under 100ms for the home page, I also don’t have the best broadband which could be a factor.

But browsing the whole site feels pretty snappy, just needed to kill Chrome’s annoying “Translate this Page” feature to remove the jagginess it added. BTW you should add this to - you can use this screenshot I prepared earlier :slight_smile:

OK, will add it to Techstacks, but… HOW? :smile: Never seen that site before.

Just need to Sign in with Twitter or GitHub on the top right and click [ADD TECHSTACK] button either on the right of the home page or at the bottom of

DUH… That simple :slight_smile: thx

Awesome example, feels pretty snappy from Australia too. Screen cap’d some stats if that helps :smile:

From a non-cached first load. After first load jumping around between posts is pretty quick!

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Same from Montreal. Snappy & quick.

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Thanks all for the replies and info on the speed. This is useful. The server is hosted in The Netherlands (in a datacenter) and has a 100 mbit connection. Seems that the network is limiting, especially for the ong trails on layoric’s response.

From my place (about 80 kilometers) it takes about 1.5 seconds in total - including 3rd party servers. The site itself is served withing 120 milliseconds (including pictures).

We have more sites hosted on service stack, including some on larger Dutch sites. All ServiceStack based. Not really happy with all of them, but they works perfectly. Some examples:

VanDale Rijmwoordenboek
Nutella Lock - a lock for Nutella jars

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wow you’ve been busy! I’ve also noticed the designs/UX are improving with each website :slight_smile:

choco lock? haha, too funny. just a few weeks ago I was strolling in Amsterdam, couldn’t resist popping in to a small small shop for a plate of nutella covered churros!

I asked them if they wanted to sell the lock in teh store. I apparently need a license from Nutella to be able to sell it in their shop…

The product IS available and sold in a supermarket in Germany!