Sir Thomas - 249 - Jul 18, 2014

Feature Request : Mailing list for new releases

I know we all hate email, but a quick email with titles/blurb of each major feature in the release would be awesome.  Makes for easy search offline in Outlook, etc.

Come to think of it, it could be powered by SS to generate views based on major/minor feature models… etc. etc.  

mythz needs an intern!   (or two)

Fredrick Lackey:

For me, the challenge is in the chronological format of the release notes.  Regardless if it’s a blog post or email, smuch goes into each release, and therefore the release notes, that it’s a challenge to digest all of it.  Personally, I’d prefer a feature-by-feature breakdown, with a page dedicated to each.  The ONLY drawback to SS is that I KNOW there’s a ton of other stuff under the hood that I COULD be leveraging but don’t even know it’s there.

Edit:  Guess I’m picturing something like the wiki… or maybe the wiki… but with a historical breakdown of what happened over time with each module or section.  Each release announcement would follow a similar format but be restricted to only the changes.  Just an idea.  There’s just a ton in there.

Sir Thomas:

The main SS wiki does have a pretty good menu that kinda gets what you’re looking for.  But me too, I know there’s so much more that can be integrated.  Kudos to an awesome framework.

Each release is already announced on twitter: and the main G+ group: