Sir Thomas - 424 - Jul 17, 2014

Howdy folks - quick question about UserAuthRole.  

I am using OrmLiteAuthRepository (going to mssql) and I notice that after I do userRep.AssignRoles(userid, new [] {“admin”, “dude”}) the user does indeed have those roles in the table entry, but the UserAuthRole table is empty.  

Can someone shed light on how it should be used?  Not really any mention of it in the Authentication-and-authorization wiki.

To change the existing behavior, you’d need to opt-in to use distinct tables with: UseDistinctRoleTables = true
It’s briefly mentioned in release notes when the feature was released:

Sir Thomas:

Awesome.  For some reason instinctively I assumed that UseDistinctRoleTables would somehow want tables per-role.  Maybe the plural “tables” in the setting name threw me off.