Sir Thomas - 431 - Jun 12, 2014

This feels like a n00b question, but what’s the best way to handle the default browser request for a /favicon.ico when the servicestack website is hosted in a sub-path?

For example: http://localhost:1234/app/<web site here>, but the browser insists on request a root favicon.

If ServiceStack is hosted at a /custom path it never sees any request made outside of it. You can just add a file to the root path i.e. /favicon.ico otherwise if you’re using something like MVC you can ignore it with:
routes.IgnoreRoute("{*favicon}", new { favicon =@"(./)?favicon.ico(/.)?"}); 

Sir Thomas:

My issue was that ServiceStack was listening at root, but the webapp was inside a sub-folder.  I’ve devided to move the web-app to “root” by adding this in the apphost:

WebHostPhysicalPath = “./app”