I’m trying to get the SocialBootstrapAPI project to compile and I can’t seem to get it to work.
My first problem was the DB it had to be upgraded to 2016. Once that was done I just attached it to my local SQL server. Database seems to be fine and working.
But when it gets to line 184 in AppHost.cs it blows up saying ti can’t connect to the database. My connection string is correct but then I noticed there is another connection string in the AppSettings. I tried changing it but it looks like it expects a PostGresSql connection string? The exceptions shows a source of “Npgsql”. Any ideas why this would be? I’m trying to look at custom authentication and I know this proiject is supposed to have an example of that. Is there a better project to use as an example? I was looking at TechStacks but that one seems to have quite a few code errors as well.

Never-mind I just answered my own question: PostgreSqlDialect.Provider) The project I downloaded from github was supposed to be .net which I assumed meant SQL server but it looks like it’s PostGres for some reason.

FYI see the docs for examples of other auth-enabled Live demos.