Some questions on Blazor & Locode

I have been looking at the ServiceStack Talent Blazor project as I am really interested in switching my frontend stack to Blazor and using locode as part of my workflow. Everything looks good, but I have a few questions that I am confused about and would appreciate your clarification on:

  1. On locode interface if there is a list option on the create or edit form it only allows a single value. Is this right or should it be allowing multiple values? An example of this is CreateJobApplication. It only will allow 1 attachment on the create or edit screen.

  2. When using AutoCreateForm in Blazor with JobApplication it only allows 1 attachment to be added but it is a list property. Why is it not letting multiple items added/edited?

  3. Let’s say I want to add tags to jobs, where each job can have multiple tags and each tag can have multiple jobs. How can I implement this many-to-many relationship?

  4. I noticed that there is a markdown service and some pages in the Talent Blazor project, but it doesn’t appear to be called from any Blazor component. Is there a Blazor example demonstrating how to load markdown pages?

Thank you in advance for your help and clarification on these questions.

EDIT: Changed questions as figured somethign out

Not sure what you mean, they’re all visible in locode’s UI:

It doesn’t, a list of attachments uses the Multiple File Inputs UI:

The Blazor AutoQueryGrid Component which uses Blazor AutoCreateForm does let you add multiple attachments:

Note the Upload UI is non destructive, i.e. it only lets you upload new attachments not delete existing ones.

None of the UIs, AutoQuery or OrmLite has any support for Many to Many relationships, you’d need to use Custom Tables and Custom UIs to implement that.

We only have docs showing how we implemented a Custom Auto Form with a Many-to-Many Category Options for the Vue AutoQueryGrid in the Custom Auto Forms docs:

Which we’ve also created a Video about:

But hopefully the strategy we used is useful.

Not clear which Markdown Service you mean, but all the Blazor templates support Markdown pages:

Which is maintained in their pages:

Loaded by the same Markdown.Pages.cs that all our templates use, and rendered with Docs.razor

This is what I am talking about: attach.mp4 - Google Drive

You can not select multiple files, you can only select one file when creating job application.

Cause you’re replacing it if you do it individually, try selecting multiple files at the same time.

ooooh. Well now I feel silly. Thanks for quick and thorough reply as always!

I can see the markdown stuff in default template now so that’s all good.

I’ll check out the videos for the many-to-many approach.

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