Specify Primary Key name (ala CompositeIndex Name= parameter)?

Just wondering, I’ve done some hunting around but I can’t see whether its possible to get Ormlite to follow a naming convention when creating Primary Keys? (I’ve tried both PrimaryKey and AutoIncrement attributes and have the same random name generated)

The composite index attribute follows a naming convention something like uidx_prop1_prop2 etc, and allows a developer to also explicitly declare the name (https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack.OrmLite/blob/d92f5d487891574ed5426b40836bfd123d3ab48a/tests/ServiceStack.OrmLite.Tests/Shared/ModelWithNamedCompositeIndex.cs
), but for the Primary Key i end up with something like PK__User_29384JJDF987FD9A7GF and PK__MyOtherTable_KJH234HK234129837HJ, not PK_User or User_PK, for example?

OrmLite doesn’t control the index name of the PrimaryKey what you’re seeing is generated by the server as a result of creating a Primary Key column.