Sql Server DateTime2 format not correct

I’m using the SqlServerDateTime2Converter and when I use a custom Select that use a DateTime, the string get formatted badly.

  .Select(new => { DateField = DateTime.UtcNow });

The format used in this string is not recognized by your DateTimeSerializer:

System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Indice oltre i limiti della matrice.
   in ServiceStack.Text.Common.DateTimeSerializer.ParseManual(String dateTimeStr, DateTimeKind dateKind)
   in ServiceStack.Text.Common.DateTimeSerializer.ParseManual(String dateTimeStr)
   in ServiceStack.Text.Common.DateTimeSerializer.ParseShortestXsdDateTime(String dateTimeStr)
   in ServiceStack.OrmLite.Converters.DateTimeConverter.FromDbValue(Type fieldType, Object value)
   in ServiceStack.OrmLite.OrmLiteWriteCommandExtensions.PopulateWithSqlReader[T](T objWithProperties, IOrmLiteDialectProvider dialectProvider, IDataReader reader, Tuple`3[] indexCache, Object[] values)

The format string is this one:

Should be resolved from this commit, unfortunately MyGet has been timing out when trying to publish for over an hour, I’ll let you know when I’m finally able to publish the latest version.

MyGet is still running super slow where it took 30mins to publish but at least it was able to publish all packages instead of timing out.

v5.4.1 on MyGet now has the latest version.