SQLite OrderBy autoqueries do not support Umlauts

When using the SQLite data provider any OrderBy column sort order does not handle string values with Umlauts (ÄÖÜ) correctly.

E.g. a name beginning with “Ä” is sorted higher than a name starting with “Z”.
Any hint how to get the correct sort orders displayed including Umlauts?

That’s limited by SQLite, which sounds like it doesn’t properly support Umlaute characters.

One workaround could be maintaining an additional column with the characters replaced with Latin characters for the purposes of searching/sorting.

The Umlauts are handled correctly in search queries. Only the sorting seems to be a problem.

SQlite ICU might be an option:

… hiow to handle this inside ORMLite using SQLite dialect?

These are compilation symbols which would require the author of the SQLite binary packages to change their custom native builds to include these compilations options which are distributed in these packages:

Which are ADO .NET provider dependencies used in these OrmLite.Sqlite packages:

You can try the alternative OrmLite package to see if it makes a difference, otherwise it’s not possible without rebuilding sqlite3.c from source with the compilation symbols + incorporating it with a fork the source code of one of the SQLite packages then creating a fork of OrmLite to use the custom package, i.e. not very feasible.

Will give it a try…