SQLLite In Memory

Rookie question about SQLLite. Never encountered it before.

I need to implement an in-memory database (for use by all processes on a single machine - 1 single store for whole machine), to replace a much slower database (Azure Table Storage), but only need it for testing purposes, to speed up testing (trading RAM for of Network/Disk IO).

Was thinking of implementing this in-memory database over the top of Redis, but discovered SQLLite might be a suitable option too.

Speed to build is an important factor here too (it will not be for production).
Basically, I just need to model some KV tables in memory, and won’t need indexes etc. Since number of records will always be tiny.

Is SQLLite a suitable option?
I am presuming the ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlLite would get me off the ground much quicker.

Sounds like SQLLite can only be used ‘in-memory’ within in the same process. Not across all processes on the machine.
Which does not work for me for this scenario.

I guess I am back to Redis then.