SqlServer 2008 support

After migrating to v5.10 (from v5.8), I’ve noticed the SqlServer2008Dialect class was removed.

The 2008 dialect provider itself remains and in order to retrieve it, I just switched to: SqlServer2008Dialect.Instace -> SqlServer2008OrmLiteDialectProvider.Instance

However, as I do realize the Microsoft support for the SQL Server 2008 ended on July 2019 (link), I am concerned that you might want to remove the dialect provider for it as well.

So my question is:

Do you have any plans to remove the SqlServer2008OrmLiteDialectProvider from ServiceStack?

Crap this was removed by someone else hidden in a PR adding a SqlServer2019Dialect provider, RDBMS specific providers should never have been removed, apologies for this.

I’ve restored it in this commit which is now available from the latest v5.10.5 that’s now available on MyGet.

That is great to read.

Although, I see a point in encouraging users to migrate to newer versions, some of our customers are still using v2008/2005 and we cannot enforce it in a brute way.

So again, it is good to see, that even though the official support ends, the code remains as long as you can maintain the backward-compatibility.

Thank you.

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We may not support it forever and it may not support newer features but it should retain backwards compatibility with existing features.

The exception would be if the underlying ADO.NET SQL Server provider removes support for it in a future release where supporting 2008 wouldn’t prevent us upgrading to a newer ADO .NET provider but considering how critical SQL Server is, I doubt MS will ever release a newer ADO .NET provider that no longer works with it.

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