Ss-tok not sent on subsequent calls

I am surely missing a concept here, sorry in advance for the question…
I was using the bearer token before and had an HTTP interceptor to pass it.
To be more secure, I decided to use the Secure HttpOnly and have my JWT set with
UseTokenCookie = true.
When I authenticate, I can see my ss-tok in the auth response headers.

I get a 401 on all my secured services now and I guess it is because the cookie is not set but I was under the impression it would be added automatically in all subsequent requests…
I do not see any cookie in the request headers and/or in the Chrome-Application-Cookies
I am using an Angular v13 on same domain as the API.

What am I missing?

Ok. Works now when I add an interceptor and add the withCredentials: true and I run the app on our dev server. App and Api on same server but using different IIS site on different ports
https://dev:4600 and https://dev:4601/api

When running the app on my computer (not on same domain at 192.168…) and talking to the api on dev:4601/api, I have issues I am trying to resolve.

That’ll be due to cross site cookies not being shared between different sites.