SS-UTILS does it add anything besides data-click events

We have a project that has a legacy and somewhat complicated front end with jquery, kendo, and a few other technologies. After adding ss-utils the kendo file uploader stops working. From reading the docs on ss-utils the only thing I saw that it would add automatically is a click event for data-click attributes which don’t exist in our project’s front end code. Is there anything else that gets automatically wired by including ss-utils?

I’d be surprised is ss-utils.js causes an external 3rd party library from working. Most of the API is attached to the custom $.ss namespace. The methods added to jQuery’s global $.fn plugin API are:

  • $.fn.setFieldError
  • $.fn.serializeMap
  • $.fn.applyErrors
  • $.fn.clearErrors
  • $.fn.bindForm
  • $.fn.ajaxSubmit
  • $.fn.applyValues

So it could interfere it it’s overriding an existing API, you can try to import ss-utils.js after jQuery but before other libraries to see if it makes a difference. You could run into issues if you use bindForms since that takes over the FORM submit event handler (and sends an Ajax request) otherwise I don’t see any way it could interfere with it.