Ss-utils.js licensing


I have a quick question about the licensing of ss-utils.js. Let’s say that I use ServiceStack’s native type feature (TypeScript) to expose my services for other people to consume using Javascript. They would generate JS files from the generated TypeScript code and use ss-utils.js to help with their integration.

My question is this: would they need a ServiceStack license for consuming the TypeScript code and using ss-utils.js ? They would not create new services or requests.


No they wouldn’t need any license, anyone can use any non-C# code, libs, plugins, etc e.g. ss-utils.js, TypeScript, Swift and Android plugins or any other language, without a license.

There’s also an explicit exception in the free-quotas where there are no restrictions for using any ServiceStack .NET Service or MQ Clients for consuming ServiceStack Services without a license.

Basically a license is required for creating ServiceStack Services, beyond that we want to make your Services as accessible as possible so there’ll never be a limit or restriction for consuming ServiceStack Services, our goal is to make your Services as accessible and interoperable as possible which is why we support multiple clients in multiple languages and IDE’s with Add ServiceStack Reference.

That’s good to know thanks for the clarification.