SS v5 PCL version

Just a question regarding roadmap of SS. I see in the announcements that you are still working on PCL version that supports .net standard 2.0

Currently, I have Xamarin projects that use SS in my existing PCL’s. If SS only supports .net standard version 2 in PCL’s then I will not be able to use it as the highest I can go in Xamarin is .net standard 1.4 for maximum Android / iOS customer surface.

In my instance will I be stuck with current version of SS or am I missing something here …


We’ve dropped PCL support in favor of .NET Standard 2.0 which Xamarin supports for both iOS/Android and we have test suites for.

If you can’t upgrade and your stuck on an older version of Xamarin you’ll need to keep using ServiceStack v4.5.14. It’s still wire compatible with v5 so you could upgrade your Server to v5 whilst retaining v4.5.14 PCL on the client.

Thanks Mythz , would luv to upgrade pcl’s to .net standard 2 but with only Windows FCU supported at the moment I will be forced to wait until more users are on FCU.

Your scenario of V5 sounds good on the server side as I’m already using ,net core 2, will SSE continue to work in such scenario from a client perspective ?

Yep, there’s no changes to the wire-format or endpoints so clients will continue to work as before.

great news, thanks again.