SSE channel name

Hi @mythz,

There seems to be an issue when I send a channel name with the “@” symbol in the name like an email address.

so doing a NotifyChannelAsync( ) will not work but when I take out the @ symbol then all works fine.

That’s because @ is a special entity used as a Server Events command delimiter which you wont be able to use in any Server Events identifiers (e.g. channel/selector/handler names etc).

Thanks @myth, obviously missed that in the docs.

It’s not there, I just assumed everyone would be using alphanumeric chars for identifiers as they would for symbol names. I’ll look at going back and adding some input validation.

That would be great , thanks again.

Hi Myth , any update on this. you mentioned you might add some input validation ?

I just added some in this commit, basically don’t use @ in channel or selector names.

There’s also the postfix css selector of using $ in selectors which enlists special behavior in JavaScript Client libraries but can’t add input validation against that for clients who want to use that special behavior.

thanks @mythz. the error will be useful.