Stefan Tsalapatis - 14 - Mar 24, 2015

Using the IUserAuthRepository it creates the table UserAuth in SQL Server, with varchar columns instead  nvarchar, as needed. Is it possible to change  the schema of this table, data types  and maybe to add some columns (not in Meta) ?

If you don’t like the defaults, modify the table after it’s created, or use your own modified custom sql script to create the table instead of getting OrmLiteAuthRepository to create it.

OrmLite expects the Poco properties to match the underlying table field type, e.g. you can’t change from strings to ints but you should be able to change between string columns without OrmLite caring. Although note I’m not supporting any issues with custom configurations, if there’s an issue with your custom schema OrmLite/OrmLiteAuthRepository wont to be extended to support it.