Stefan Tsalapatis - 342 - Dec 12, 2013

One question, please,  as I don’t  work yet with ver.4.
  I would like to be sure about  the use of IReturn,
It  is optional as it was still now, correct ?
because the  requirements in my work,  is  for dependency  free model.

Yep IReturn<T> is optional, but recommended since it adds additional metadata on your DTO’s that is useful for your clients.

Stefan Tsalapatis:

thank you,
I understand the  reason , but for us it is necessary to give to customers,  only one dll, for the model, for  further integration with their systems.   There is another one dll, with client.requests ( simplified wrapper of actual calls with validation and error handling) . With the second dll,  of course ,we distribute and the  servicestack client library . But they use our client.requests  only in their  front end.

Another approach is to keep the Request DTO’s in a separate dll away from your models. The Operation Request DTO’s really shouldn’t be used for anything else but defining your service contract with.

Stefan Tsalapatis:

It is very difficult practically.  The Request DTO’s (and the URIs) are negotiated  between the Customer, our front-end analyst and me. It is  part of the specs in a detailed form. These specs are often changed,  and we have very fast reactions. This is the beauty of service API development   If I use internal requests, it  will be much more difficult and error-prone.