Stefan Tsalapatis - 370 - Dec 14, 2014

I have a problem with  ServiceStack.Swagger in last v.4.34 , I had not before. Either with the normal version or a customized that we used before,  I get an error
 500 : undefined http://localhost:21091/resources.
It is a self-hosted service,  swagger-ui  or bootstrap folders  both in root
   Plugins.Add(new SwaggerFeature() { UseBootstrapTheme =true or false);
EnableFeatures = Feature.All.Remove(Feature.Metadata)
and the  CorsFeature.

Latest version with CORS enabled still working at:

Please open a new issue and post full details about the error (e.g. raw HTTP Response) at:

Stefan Tsalapatis:

I have solved most of the issues and it works now  with
 the normal version and changes  in html.  This is enough for the moment.
thanks again