Stefan Tsalapatis - 390 - Oct 22, 2014

Demis, as I understand, your tests are the best source of information. Till now, I download with GitHub the full ServiceStack solution, in order to find, examine and run the tests. Is it possible to have a separate project in GitHub, the updated tests only, with compiled ServiceStack libraries, to download ? Correct me, please if there is already a more simple way, that I don’t know.

Many of the compiled ServiceStack dlls can be found on:
The ServiceStack repo is completely stand-alone which contains everything needed to run the tests. Some of the tests also require infrastructure deps like Redis and RabbitMQ when needed.

The latest libs can also be found on MyGet (which are published very frequently):

Stefan Tsalapatis:

+Demis Bellot
 I  synchronize the  ServiceStack  to get the latest tests .
I know also the problem with infrastructure, Redis especially.   In order to update the ServiceStack in our projects, I have a central  solution/project, only for the installation. Then all real projects refer to the installation bin directory.  In the installation solution, I copy  some of your tests, together with mine, so to have some live examples,  for future use.
I will continue to do like that.