Stefan Tsalapatis - 452 - Apr 19, 2014

Do we have a way to recognize  if a request comes from a C# typed client or JavaScript ?

Stephen Brannan:

The http headers might say where the request came from.

Stefan Tsalapatis:

+Stephen Brannan
 Not  where  they came from .  I know that.
What client they used , I try to find.
C# or JavaScript.  Servicestack  could know if a C# client was used.

What +Stephen Brannan was saying was that you can use the HTTP Headers to work out if the request came from Ajax or a .NET client. The User-Agent header is used to tell you what client was used, the SS clients by default have a default user-agent of:
"ServiceStack .NET Client " + Env.ServiceStackVersion

But this is overridable so could be changed to be anything.