Stefan Tsalapatis - 92 - May 29, 2014

About v4.0.21and ServiceStack-powered Desktop applications. Demis,   you was successful, with CefSharp 3 and Winforms ?
I have tested  CefSharp before 2 months and it had  a lot of problems.

Yeah went with CefSharp in the end since it was pretty easy to get working where it just needs to reference the CefSharp .NET dlls and copy the unmanaged CEF builds in to your WinForms project. I’ve wrote about how to get it working with WinForms at:

I tried CefGlue but it didn’t seem to work with any of the CEF builds they listed in their documentation or commit logs so I just went with CefSharp.

Stefan Tsalapatis:

+Demis Bellot
perfect. I tested it already, according to your guide.   CefSharp is fast and modern. I need it very much, but before few months, was not real ready.
If not other problems, then we have a very interesting capability, thanks to your efforts.
We are capable  to create native desktop applications,  with a hybrid UI, using also  the wealth of  jQuery plugins and communicate with the back-end, calling the SS in the locahost.