Stephen Brannan - 432 - Jun 7, 2014

I’m running into some serialization problems using the javascript JSV library (JSV.js). when I convert the javascript object {‘from’:<date>, ‘to’:<date>} it serializes to {from:11/29/2013 01:00to:06/11/2014 10:50}. I’m calling JSV.serialize. Shouldn’t it be {from:11/29/2013 01:00, to:06/11/2014 10:50} ? Notice the comma before to:. Also the date format seems odd too. Any thoughts on these two issues?

It’s probably a bug, what are you using JSV.js for?

Stephen Brannan:

I’m using it in angularjs when a user filters a grid on a from/to date range and then I update the query param to reflect this new filter.

This should now be fixed in:

Stephen Brannan:

Awesome! Thanks Demis! I’ll give it a try later tonight.

Stephen Brannan:

+Demis Bellot I’ve confirmed it. The fix worked perfectly! As always your coding skills are amazing. Thank you!