Stephen Patten - 208 - Nov 6, 2014

Letting you know that there “may” be a problem with the sql expression builder, although it could be an Oracle Dialect issue. 

This isn’t an issue with any of the supported RDBMS’s, it’s specific to Oracle’s custom windowing RowNum hack for supporting Limit expressions. You can avoid this by providing your own explicit OrderBy or not using Limit() in Oracle (so it doesn’t need to add the hack).

I’ve made a change so that the default orderby experssion it adds is fully-qualified in this commit:

But I’m extremely reluctant about touching Oracle code as I didn’t create, maintain or otherwise have touched the Oracle-specific dialect provider, don’t have an Oracle instance to test any changes against,  and generally dislike Oracle DB/Co in general - which is why it’s not an officially supported package. It’s only being maintained by a few Oracle customers that use it, but they only get a chance to resolve issues sporadically when they update their OrmLite packages. I’ve created a new Issue thread where you can register any Oracle-specific issues that they can look at when they get around to it at:

Please use it for adding any issues that aren’t in any of the other DB providers.

Stephen Patten:

Fair, enough. We prefer to use PostgrSQL, but right now we have to integrate with a legacy financial system, hence all the Oracle issues.