Strange difference in serialization to OrmLite

I’ve looked through the forums for this ‘issue’ and have seen a similar post but just wanted clarification.

My project uses OrmLite with SQLite, on startup (in one of my plugins) I check to see if tables exists, create them if necessary and I insert a default row of data. One of the fields in the row of data is an object which should be serialized and put into the database as text. When I create this on plugin startup (Configure) I get the following in the field:

{Order:1,Description:test,Notes:“testing, testing…”}

Once then system is started, if I proceed to create a new row within my ServiceInterface (from data that has been POST’ed), I get the following:

{order:1,description:test,notes:“testing, testing…”}

I have used the EmitCamelCaseNames property set to True to fix this problem, but I wondered why there is a difference when I haven’t explicitly changed any setting? I’ve dumped the properties of JsConfig and they seem to be the same?

Thanks for your insights.

Are you using .NET Core? Because that by default uses camelCase.

I am using .NET Core, however on startup it isn’t using camelcase which is what confuses me.