Struggling to upgrade to 6.4.0 and use the new blazer components


When I follow the instructions to upgrade an exist (6.3.1) app to 6.4.0 I get the following error:

> x mix -delete blazor-upgrade-clean
No match found for 'blazor-upgrade-clean', available gists:

   1. console-cs                 C# .NET 6 Conso.....

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong (Rider & Mac OS)?

I was not able to run these either but manually upgraded by removing all the duplicate references.

Seems we forgot to publish them before release, can you try again.

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That’s fixed it, thanks

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@mythz fyi: I also found I had to perform these upgrade steps on a freshly downloaded Jamstacks (blazer WASM tailwind) template

ahh forgot to clear the template caches, I’m assuming this was downloaded from a website instead of creating it with x new?

thx for reporting, I’ve just cleared caches for these templates.

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Yeah that’s right… downloaded from jamstacks

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