Studio installation no authorization token

Hi, I have just installed Studio as per your docs, but immediately get

no authorization token

When I close it, I get this on the command window. any ideas?

Tried as admin, below is the message in the app.


Not sure where & when you’re getting this error i.e. is it after the App loads? Does it occur if you’re not trying to connect to a site, e.g. just app://studio or $ app open studio?

If it happens when you connect to a site, can you open Studio in debug mode app://studio?debug then hit F12 to open Dev tools and post the HTTP Error that contains this error message.

The error info is from the Chromium CEF browser, looks like it’s trying to move its GPUCache folder it creates everytime it’s run, but can’t, might still be locked - it’s not related to the Studio .NET App itself.

Did you ever figure out what caused this? I am seeing same thing.

As Studio is now deprecated I’d recommend using the new Admin UI and Locode which replaces it.

Thanks! Will check it out.