SvelteKit template

Hi Guys,

Now that SvelteKit is out are you planning on updating the Svelte template or making a template using SvelteKit soon?

It does have to be fully fleshed out like the latest Vue template.

Is it complicated to make a version of the current template as-is but using SvelteKit?

Put my vote toward this :wink:

We haven’t seen much demand for Svelte which has prevented us from investing more resources into supporting it further and IIRC SvelteKit requires a node server at runtime which prevents us from being able to create a project template for it since we only ever want to deploy .NET App with any SPA UI statically compiled and served from its /wwwroot folder.

If they ever document how to deploy SvelteKit Apps without node we can look at creating a project template for it if there’s enough interest in it, which you can register your interest in it by creating a feature request for it at: