Sven E. Thorsen - 131 - Mar 4, 2014

Ok, so I have a service that works just fine on two separate machines, but then I have two other machines giving me two different errors.

One is giving me: 
Error trying to resolve Service ‘[]Full namespace].PresenceSvc’ or one of its autowired dependencies (see inner exception for details).

The other is giving:
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
With a stack trace indicating it is one of the route variables that has not been mapped correctly.

This is self hosted in a console app.
For all four machines the whole application is exactly the same, only the listening IP has been changed to reflect the actual local IP of the server. 

Any ideas why an exact copy of a build would be having such inconsistent behaviour? (The worst thing being that both the non-working examples are on customer’s machines, and the working ones are my development machines)

Graham Laidler:

If you are using Caching, are you missing a cacheclient (e.g. Redis) installation on that machine?

If not, suggest you install log4net and examine the inner exceptions.

No idea what the issue could be without seeing any source code or StackTraces. Self-hosting exe’s may need to be run as an Administrator.

Typically exact code doesn’t have different results unless their environments are different. You can look to see if there are any StartUp errors with ?debug=requestinfo: 

To view it you need to be in DebugMode or an Admin, see info on: