Swagger Ignore Property For Certain Verbs?

What is the best way to exclude a property from showing up for a verb? For instance, if the property, “TeamOid” is only applicable for GET and not POST, what is the recommended approach for excluding it for POST in the Swagger documentation.

And at what point does it make sense to have separate models/types for different verbs? Or does it? And if so, what is the recommended naming convention?


If they have different implementations it’s usually always a good idea to have different Request DTOs for different verbs so you have control over their service contract independently, see this answer for an example: http://stackoverflow.com/a/15235822/85785

Also Designing a message-based API is a good too if you haven’t read it already: http://stackoverflow.com/a/15941229/85785

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing!