Swagger metadata

Hi, we are going to integrate with a thrid party tool that accepts a swagger file as input.
Unfortuntely it wants the full swagger info int one json file, that is, it’s not capable to navigate from the root swagger file you provide (when one calls http://myservice/resource)

Is there any option one can get the full swagger file ? if not how should we proceed to get the full swagger json file ?

thank you
enrico sabbadin

The initial url for the Swagger JSON is /resources e.g. http://test.servicestack.net/resources that JSON feed then returns the relative urls for each operation.

yes . sorry that was a typo it’s http://myservice/resources
however … what I get from that url is just the root of the swagger info …

I need a way to get all the graph of all the resources info in one single file , without the need to navigate throug them.
Isi it possible ? this is how the third party tool we have to use work
thank you
enrico sabbadin

No that’s not apart of the Swagger 1.1 specification that ServiceStack.Api.Swagger implements.