T4 Template Generate nothing and give me error

I Download OrmLite Source code to generate my POCO from SQL Server. I’m sure I make it work previously… now no success at all. Try on vs2019 and vs2017 on Windows 10.

I took the project ServiceStack.OrmLite.T4 add my app.config and I have the error in the screen shoot.

I tried to create a console app make sure my connectionstring work and I have the same error after I drop the TT files in my project.

Any help will be appreciated.

Did you previously use the https://www.nuget.org/packages/ServiceStack.OrmLite.T4 NuGet package?

The T4 .tt implementations hasn’t been touched in a year, if it’s an invalid state/configuration error you can try removing the references, generated .cs and bin/ obj/ folders and try using them again.

Otherwise it may be due to something in your DB it doesn’t support.

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The nuget content work like a charm ! Thanks!!!

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