.Take vs .Limit

Hi. Currently when returning a subset of data from a table, I am using the following code:

            var response = db.LoadSelect<SomeEntity>()
                    .Where(x => x.SomeID == request.SomeID)
                    .OrderByDescending(x => x.DateCreated).Take(50);

and the performance of the query method has blown out to ~6s while a direct query on the db using:

SELECT * FROM `xyz`.SomeEntity
where SomeID = '000000000...'

returns in ~0ms

My question is, is this the wrong way to construct the query using ormlite, should I be using .Limit(50) instead of .Take ?

The table does need some indexing added, but there still appears to be a performance problem here in my code.

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Update on this, this appears to work correctly (DB Server side)

var response = db.LoadSelect(db.From()
.Where(x => x.SomeEntityID== request.SomeEntityID)
.OrderByDescending(x => x.DateCreated)
.Limit(0, 50));

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