TechStack dependency in Production environment

Regarding, Techstack setup, I juste start reading the docs. We need to upgrade some apps and we are thinking about our futur apps…TechStacks will be my learning tools.

But before I go to far and I might have request to our Infra. team.

Do we need to install Node on the production server ? Is .Net Core the only dependency to run on production server ?

We build our apps from TFS 2017, and use Build and Deployment task. The agent who run our jobs will probably need it.


Node.js doesn’t need to be installed on the server, as with all our .NET Core Single Page App Templates npm is only used as the client tooling and bundling solution (so only needs to be installed on the developer workstation).

It’s packaged and deployed as a normal .NET Core App where you can run npm run publish:

$ npm run publish

Which will publish your App to bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/ ready for deployment (as per normal .NET Core Apps) which you copy to your server using a tool like rsync.

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Like usual you make our life so much easier :smile:

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