TechStacks Nuxt Template - errorResponse

Studying the TechStacks source and I cant figure out how the errorResponse() is populated.

<v-alert outline color="error" icon="warning" :value="errorResponse()">{{ errorResponse() }}</v-alert>      

Can you shed some light on how the errorReponse method works? how and where does it populate itself with data?

I’ve documented the Client / Server Validation in the TechStacks project.

errorResponse is a method from @servicestack/client:

import { toObject, errorResponse, errorResponseExcept } from "@servicestack/client";

Which is made made available to the Vue template by registering it in its method:

  methods: {
    errorResponse,          // Make the errorResponse method available to the template

The errorResponse returns only the summary ResponseStatus.Message when there are no field error specified otherwise it returns undefined. Vuetify only shows the <v-alert/> dialog when errorResponse returns a value which it checks the responseStatus property of the Vue component to determine.

You can see the behavior of the errorResponse method from its tests in utils.spec.ts.

Don’t know how I missed that documentation! Thanks again.