TextAreaInput onchange event

I’m not getting the onchange event to fire when using a TextAreaInput<T>, the same way I do when using a TextInput<T> blazor component.

This code works:

    ValueExpression="() => Model.Name"
    @onchange="eventArgs => ValueUpdated(eventArgs)"

This code does not:

    ValueExpression="() => Model.Description"
    @onchange="eventArgs => ValueUpdated(eventArgs)"

I am expecting the event to fire once I leave the text area input.

This is a strange one, but yes can confirm what you are seeing.

I found that the TextAreaInput control wasn’t listening to @bind-value:event="oninput" the same way TextInput was which seemed to be causing the issue.

This has now been fixed in this commit and should be available on our pre-release feeds.

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