The MARS TDS header contained errors


ServiceStack.OrmLite 5.9.2
Net Framework 4.8 (last runtime available from microsoft download)
Windows server 2016
SQLServer 2016 updated to last sp
MARS is NOT used at all neither it’s enabled in connection string but nor it’s explicitly off

Production environment running from more than 2 years.
Yesterday, for the first time, one of the 12s instances of our running backend logged the error in the topic subject.
The error involves queries that have been running for years.
Only process restart solved but we don’t know what will happen next days.

it seems to be a known issue to microsoft, here the thread

now our application is strictly regulated by our AQ department
we are stucked in the AQ processes and cannot release a patch without the warranty it’s the silver bullet

now the questions are:

  1. have you never experienced this issue? have you advice or workaround to suggest?

  2. Rider says SS 5.9.2 depends from System.Data.SqlClient 4.8.1. Does SS 6.2 uses the last release (4.8.3) which seems resolved this issue?

please let me know


No I’ve not heard of this issue before.

You can find the dependencies for each package on NuGet, e.g. here’s the latest version for ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlServer:

i.e. It does use System.Data.SqlClient v6.8.3 for .NET Core however it only has an implicit reference for .NET Framework since it uses the .NET Framework version.