Timespan property in DTO not same as posted


i have a DTO with 2 timespans like this

    public TimeSpan FromTime { get; set; }

    public TimeSpan ToTime { get; set; }

When i post a timespan like this they dont get the same ticks after post.
I only want to have a time posted and not any datetime.
In example i want to post FromTime 1PM and ToTime 2PM and in the service retrieve the same values so i can add them to a datetime later on.

 var request = new TestRequest
            FromTime = setup.Item3.From.TimeOfDay,
            ToTime = setup.Item3.To.TimeOfDay

Is there anything im missing that doenst work the the conversion between posting a timespan and in the service handling the request?


Please provide a stand-alone sample how do you post and process DTO so we can look what is going on with data.